Miss Jolly: Unplanned pregnancy lead to the miserable life

05:19 AM 2016

This was the message that Miss Mutesi Jolly dedicated to the youth of Kinyinya sector, of Gasabo District, where she participated in a monthly general community activity known as Umuganda, Yesterday. Jolly said that unplanned pregnancies lead to poverty and disputes in a family"If a girl gives birth without planning for it, both the child and mother will not be as healthy as well." Jolly said.

She also said that the reason to choose Kinyinya as a place to go, is that it has got many girls who got impregnated unexpectedly. The action concerned giving health insurance to 100 of 120 vulnerable people and giving them clothes. Over there Miss Rwanda was with more than 200 youth from Rotary club which operates in the whole East African Community. In its annual activity called ’React.’


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