Mijk Van Dijk shared his knowledge with Rwandan DJs (Photos/Video)

05:24 AM 2018

Through workshop of which was prepared by Goethe institutes Kigali.
It was two days training where by Rwandan DJs who were invited received drills on making electronic music by shifting from analogue to digital. Mijk van Dijk came all along from Germany to share his knowledge to them in a bid to boost up the way capability on electronic music.

Participants were very delighted of getting opportunity to be trained by such an expert in both dj and audio producing area as they all eye to tremendously gain more knowledge in their day to day dj and audio producing job.

“it’s really a great opportunity to have been learnt some knowledge from Van Dijk. He has experience and knowledge of which most of Rwandan Djs and music producers need. Doubtlessly, this workshop will help me to bump up my skills towards being creative on audio producing as well as music mixing in digital way” Fabrice Muhoza said.

Talking to Yeejo.rw, Mijk Van Dijk revealed that he was very surprised by knowledge of some Rwandan DJs have as far as making electronic music is concerned. Further, it was his first time to come in Rwanda and Africa as a continent, but due to the fact that his stay in Rwanda was very positive, he noted that it would be awesome when he comes back for another occasion.

“I was very surprised that some people have knowledge. Making electronic music is something expensive because buying instrument looks a bit expensive. Additionally, making electronic music requires creative mind.” Van Dijk said
“my stay in Rwanda was very positive, I liked food, I liked warm welcome and I liked open heartedness of Rwandans. I met many people and crowd include mix of people.”

According to Katharina Hey, Director of Goethe institutes and Germany culture center in Kigali, the foremost aim of bringing DJ Mijk Van Dijk was to help Rwandan Djs and music producers to transform their music production from analogue to digital through his knowledge and experience he has. She added that they wanted music producers to have those skills of making it electronically since Rwanda is moving faster towards technology.

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