Knowless Butera : How to Fall Apart with my husband

16:07 PM 2018

The Rwandan artist Butera Knowless said that once her husband and her manager Clement Ishimwe asks her to do something and delay to do it could bring some misunderstandings between them.

This mother of one child says that she goes married to Clement after being in love 6 year, a love which she says to be true.
In the emission Samedi Détente of RBA of this 3rd February, she said that for example when he tells her to call someone for some reasons and come after an hour and find that she did not call him, they quarrel.

Knowless says while working, her husband puts a pressure on her more than a parent does for his child, but at home, this changes.
KnowlessButera and Clement Ishimwe got married in August last year and have one child today.

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