Kigali: The Germany international Hip Hop artist Megaloh thrilled Kigalians with high energy (Photos/Video)

18:15 PM 2017

The Germany international Hip Hop singer who is known as "Megaloh" performed for the Rwandans on the 8th October 2017, following his music events of touring the East Africa with the Hip Hop performances.

This full HipHop concert that took place at "Maison de Jeune Kimisagara was organised and powered by "Goethe institut kigali" and heavily attended by different kind of the people plus the youth of Rwanda who consider Hip Hop style as their favourite music.

Before the Germany international came on stage, the young duo Street Empire of Muhima performed, then Artist Angel Mutoni who followed by a head crew of Prime ft Green Ferry’s performance.

Megaloh who was expected as the main guest of the event alongside his fellow German Dj Ghanaian stallion sang within one hour in Germany’s Language with English explanation beforehand.

Throughout the concert , Megaloh who tried to speak in kinyarwanda (mother tongue of Rwandans) appreciated the way the Rwandan youth are pleased with music especially Hip Hop style and He said that Hip Hop is universal language to communicate people.

Most of the attendants of this Megaloh’s concert have revealed that it had been long time ago without full Hip Hop events. " the concert like this?...hahahaha really it is with four years back without a full hiphop event like this, may be when Captain Pacson (one of the greatest rappers in Rwanda) tried to do it by organising such events in hosting the best rappers here in recent years". [ one of the attendants talking to Yeejo.rw]

On the side of Goethe institut kigali, the Director Katharina Hey talking to journalist, she said "Megaloh and Dj Ghanaian stallion are here from Berlin, ( Capital city of Germany) they have come to sing and enjoy the music with the Rwandan music lovers, with the intention of creating a good relationship among the Rwandan artists and those of Germany with the purpose of sharing ideas together with knowledge about music".

Katharina also mentioned that the need for relationship pushed them to visit "Nyundo music school" as the way of identifying the main strategies that can be used to raise the music ahead especially in Hip Hop style.

Uchenna van Capelleveen known as Megaloh is a German rapper with Dutch- Nigerian roots born on 27th February 1981 in Frankfurt but raised in Berlin. He rapped in English, but in 2001 he started performing in German. In 2003, he released the EP Game Set Match with Battle Rapp, and then he issued several mixtapes, including #1 Draft Pick (2004) and Zeit für den Hund (2005).

In 2005, Megaloh released his first full-length album, Im Game , but the album didn’t click with record buyers, and Megaloh stayed busy collaborating with other artists and releasing mixtapes, including the two-part Auf Ewig (2013).

The studio album Endlich Unendlich (also 2013) was his first solo release to hit the German album charts,a third Auf Ewig mixtape appeared, followed by the full- length Regenmacher . The release was easily Megaloh ’s most successful work to date, hitting number two on the German charts. Later in 2016, Megaloh reworked some of the album’s tracks with legendary Afro-beat drummer Tony Allen, and the results were released as Regenmacher (Afrobeat Session) .


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