Kigali: Female Bouncers confirm not to be prostitutes

17:06 PM 2018

Ladies who work in the department of security known as Bouncers don’t agree with people who take them as prostitutes. They say that this job is like all others, and it requires a will to do it.
These ladies in Rwanda found in BKGL, a company in charge of security of important people in hotels, festivals, and other places say that their job ask them intelligence and force.
Some say that they meet challenges due to some people who don’t understand what is this job and call them prostitutes.

In an interview with KT Radio, Umuhoza Benyise said that people insult them. Other girls don’t understand this. She added that people take her as a prostitute and even as a lesbian. This is not true as she said that she is married and has two children.
Nyarahabimana, another bouncer since 7 years ago, said that in the past he liked peace and security. This is the reason why she decided this job.

Even though this job is common for only muscle men, these girls say that a girl who likes it could do it too since it does not require to be muscle to do it. In this company, there are 22 men and 5 girls who do this job.

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