In Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Show told to Act Like Rwandan Refugees

16:21 PM 2016

According to Clutch, while he promised an one-of-a-kind event, the reviews were decided mixed. Allison P. Davis of the cut walk performer said that the show “was like dying and going to fuccboi heaven,” The third iteration of the Yeezy collection continues West’s minimalist, monochromatic, dystopian vibe, but it looks a bit less terrible than last time.In an essay or Jezebel, a young woman recalled the strange evening she had modeling in Yeezy’s show.

One of our instructions was that the theme was channeling a Rwandan refugee camp. We were Rwandan refugees. At this point, my mind was so blown. I was exhausted. I had been standing around for hours. I was honestly over it. I was like, I literally cannot believe Kanye has us out here dressed like refugees on this stage and we’re supposed to look sad and angry. Hawking overpriced bodysuits is one thing, but using genocide as inspiration for a fashion show? That’s a new low.


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