Ijoro ry’Urukundo talkshow to emanate over again

17:25 PM 2016

Aimable kubana is back from France.( Photo internet)
Aimable was in France for five years ago, where he acted as a mental in health, he said that though his talk show did not be available in those years, he kept working in different ways that he is going to offer his Rwandan listeners. “Though I haven’t been performing in my show Ijoro ry’urukundo, I did not stop working on it in both my every day’s thinking and my daily writings. And am going to bring it back in a very redeemed way.” Aimable said.

Aimable Kubana played in Urunana theatre which is played on BBC, he also played in a Rwandan film called “ Urukundo n’ibigeragezo” “Iraha ry’akanya gato” and so on. He said that he was asked by many people to write books that correspond with his show that people especially young generation, can read the stories even in the future when the show will be no longer on.

Source: Sunday night (Isango star.)


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