How could girls enhance their beauty by eyes makeups?

11:29 AM 2016

Makeups makes girls look pretty

If you don’t have naturally long, perfect eyelashes, curling them before applying mascara will really open up your eyes. You can actually curl lashes after mascara is applied, as long as your mascara is dried (a good tip to know if you want to curl your lashes later in the day without removing your mascara). Just test the metal to ensure it’s not too hot before you clamp down on your upper lash.

How to arrange the bottom lashes?

Many makeup experts advise people not to use mascara on the lower lashes because they believe it actually closes up the eyes. This is true for some women, but for others, mascara and eyeliner on the lower lashes can make a significant difference. Try it out for yourself and see if you like it.
To apply mascara on lower lashes, hold the brush vertically, then sweep it back and forth. If you wear eyeliner on the lower lashes, try a pencil eyeliner, which is soft, then direct the line with your finger so it looks more natural than a straight line.

Keep Your Brows perfect

You would be amazed at how manicured brows can transform your face. Go to a professional for waxing, tweezing or threading and then keep it up with touch-ups with your own tweezers by following the “map” they create.

Source : Julyne Derrick, about.com/ Beauty Expert

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