Goma: People dance in churches the same way as in nights clubs

04:50 AM 2017

Utamuliza Elizabeth is a one of Rwandan female film producer and she played a key role in film called “Tuko Life in Goma” in film making training took place in Goma with her counterpart from Goma made a part of film duded “Ipseite Identique” which talks about what happen in bars, night clubs and churches in Goma.

In this part of the film “Tuko Life in Goma”, Utamuliza affirms that what she has seen in Goma churches also found it their bars and night clubs.

Utamuriza said When we were making this film, we highlighted on the belief and entertainment. We went to different churches to ask them if we can make a film on them, but they refused except one church that allowed us. During shooting process, we just wanted to show people that they are some performance that are the same in churches and bars in Goma.
When you reach the church in Goma you find people dancing shaking their backsides as Congolese are known in that style of dance and it is the sane in night clubs yet their deeds are different as some are praying while others are entertaining themselves.

Utamuriza said that she got different skills in term of producintg and directing film that will promote his film industry. “I learned many things during the training especially on camera manipulation. gukoresha camera”.Utamuriza reacted.

Utamuliza and his 9 colleagues participated in the training and premiered for the first time their produced film ‘Tuko-Life in Goma’ in the event took place at Goethe Institute in July 2017.

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