Dj Pius is buoyant enough to proceed the solo music career

13:05 PM 2016

As per to the New Times,The 29 years-old has embarked on a solo career after the separation with his group members known as Two 4 Real. “I work hard, I have a good relationship with people. I also make good distinct and unique music. You can tell it’s me when you hear my music.” He says.

Dj Pius ready to go solo (Photo The newtimes)

Dj Pius is working on collaborations with Burundian singer Big Furious, upcoming artist Jodi and Bobby Ngarambe. That will be out soon. Bobby is an American singer, song writer based in New York City, but his music is in Kinyarwanda.
Dj Pius said that people make money in music but there are many challenges like promotion and piracy but the industry is grown.

The singer Dj Pius is married to the hot FM radio presenter Ange Umulisa and the couple has one child. ”Being a daddy gives you focus, its challenging but helps put things perspective and know what comes first.” He uttered. He agree that education is pivot of all, and it is the key, but talent is above everything.

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