Bizimana Jean Luke hopes to be famous in Gospel music

07:14 AM 2016

Jean Luke Bizimana (Don’t worry) a good gospel vocalist.

Jean Luke, says that in Rwanda it requires to get someone to support you. If an artist has no money he or she need to look for a manager. “In Rwanda, it is not easy to get fund with which you can get your music far. Even though it is this way, I am very ready to struggle until I touch my destiny.” Said Jean LUKE.

Being asked how he is going to master and combine his music and studies, and said that since music is his passion it cannot matter when he combines it with his studies. “I can do my music after my studies just relax, that can be the time for going to the Top 5 Sai where I record my songs.” He said.

Jean Luke believes that he will reach far through his music career.

Jean Luke has the ambition to feed people with his gospel teachings, and of course earn money as the first thing to help him go forward in his career. He has many songs but the mostly known is called “Don’t worry” And is by know the name added on by his lovers. By know they call him “Jean Luke Don’t worry.”


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