Anita Pendo to give birth soon

05:49 AM 2017

She is one of primary MCs of Guma Guma

After posting a picture of her pregnant on Instagram he added some words asking blessing come from God so that he soon expected baby born will be successively received. "Thank you, Lord, for your protection and my sweet pie in my womb because we have been struggling so much, been through a lot. Keep protecting us Papa God".

She is also a Radio and TV presenter at RBA

It has been ten days Anita Pendo affirmed that she is waiting for the new baby born and in December 2016 he also confirmed her deep relationship with Nzeyimana Ndanda Alphonse, the goalkeeper of AS Kigali who replaced Producer David from Future Records whom they used to be in love for so long.

The message she wrote on instagram

Anita Pendo added that although she is pregnant and it is a blessing for her, on the other hand, she expects some critiques saying that she is going to beget without official marriage. “I know they are some who will feel sad because they are some pre-giving birth, I am sorry God knows the reason behind. There is no deadline if it happens in the future no problem. Pray for me so that I will finish this hard journey”.

She is a professional Dj

Anita Pendo and Ndanda ( the current goalkeeper of AS Kigali) have been in love for five months as it started to be disseminated in media in December 2016, and that time they confirmed the marriage purpose love.


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