Ali Kiba was thrilled by Meddy’s songs.

13:46 PM 2016

Ali Kiba ,a Tanzanian singer, said that he likes Meddy’s songs, Igihe.com reports that Ali Kiba took the video of himself singing the songs of Meddy namely Nasara and Burindebucya.

Ali Kiba praised with Meddy’s song Burindebucya (Photo Internet)
Ali Kiba appears on different social media like Instagram,Snap chat singing the songs of Meddy named above. This song Nasara has been watched by 1,109,983 on You tube.

Ali Kiba (Photo Internet)
As a feed back, Meddy also posted a video on his Instagram thanking Ali Kiba.” I consider Ali Kiba the most famous singer I respect across the continent ( Africa)” Meddy said. this is not the first Tanzanian super start appreciated and attracted by Rwanda singers, in two years left Diamond appreciated MICO’s song entitled UMUTAKA to the extend that he agreed to do a collabo called Sinakwibagiwe though it all ended in conflicts.


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