15-year old youngster in 2017 chess heroes

09:02 AM 2017

The final championship tournament occurred in duo successive weekends at University of Rwanda Gikondo campus known as former SFB, Dr Ben Karenzi, the former commandant of Rwanda Military Hospital, and andrine Uwase, a 15-year old girl from Gikondo, completed 2017 male and female National Chess Champions.

Speaking to the New times, our prime source on this, Rwanda Chess Federation (Ferwade) president Kevin Ganza said that it is “a good comeback for Dr Karenzi”, who has been away for long because of work.

“He is now back and determined to win, as he likes to put it. Back when he was active, he was a good player and he has proved it once again. He really deserves the title. He ran over opponents with ease,” Ganza said.

Karenzi won the title after 8 rounds of play with a total 6.5 points out of eight games on the side of male. On the other hand, Sandrine Uwase, won all her matches and ran away with the title and a trophy.

Ganza also poured praise on the teenager who is now the ladies’ national champion, a feat likely to inspire other young girls in her impoverished slum neighborhood of Gikondo, and beyond.

“Sandrine proved to be talented ever since she started attending competitions. She does not care being female and under 18. She challenges men and older players. I think that she has got effective monitoring through her chess journey and she made it,” Ganza articulated.

Dr Karenzi and the teenager overthrown Alain Patience Niyibizi and Shimwa who were won the race in 2015 and 2016 in male and female national champions respectively as the contest did not happen in 2016 due to poor organization which lead to those previous kind and queen remain on their throne.


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