10 stars to compete for PGGSS season 6, the list is out

03:35 AM 2016

The list of nominees is as follow:

1. Bruce Melody

2. Jules Sentore

3. Urban Boyz

4. Christopher

5. Allioni

6. Danny Vumbi

7. Danny Nanone

8. Umutare Gaby

9. Teta Diana

10. TBB

In case one who appears on the list retrieves him or herself from the contest, should be replaced with Mico The Best in case he is Male and Young Grace if she is a Female. Because they are the ones with approximate marks. Shows will open on May 14,2016 and close on August 12,2016 when the winner will be officially announced.

East African Promoters and Bralirwa announces that this season six brings many differences that will help music fans enjoy it than usual." We thought more about fans than anyone else, we reduced the number of shows from 15 to 10, and we need to show improvements and innovations with in it. Participants will be paid 1 million each, monthly as usual regardless the reduction of parties so we hope the commitment will be high." Said Mushyoma Joseph, The leader of East African Promoters.



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