What needs to be done to be a Good professional Debater

11:27 AM 2016

According to the news from Newtimes, Brenda Kayitesi started debating in her class, and because of her passion and determination, she began representing her school and country in different international competitions by wining several awards from them. Today, she travels to different countries worldwide because of her debating skills. This is possible for you too; the tips below will educate you about debating, and help you imitate the good example set by Kayitesi.

Brenda said that debating is formal and needs to be followed for instance when debating in class or club you need to make sure that you know how the debate works. Formal debates follow a formula, and you’ll want to know that formula like the back of your hand so that you’re prepared. It’s also important because breaking from the formula can make you lose your points. Keep calm.

“When you debate, stay calm. Don’t start shouting or get angry. This will show weakness to your opponent. Instead, keep your voice even and keep your facial expression neutral. This makes it much harder for your opponent to find what buttons they can press to make you trip up.” Said Kayitesi.

Speak clearly. When you talk, speak clearly so that people can understand you. Speaking clearly also makes you sound smarter and more confident. Explain your logic. When you explain to someone how you arrived at the conclusion that you came to, deliberately and step by step, you’re forcing their brain to think in the same way that yours does. Act confident.

Although you don’t have to actually be confident, acting confident can make you and your argument much more appealing and believable. In addition, do your entire research as harder as possible to be prepared for your debate by creating attention of the debate. When you researched about the topic of the debate, you will be much prepared to make counter argument your opponent should dream up.


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