We debate to promote our public speaking skills : Mugabo Alafat

08:15 AM 2016

Mugabo Alafat who engaged this new idea, says that the debate will be very helpful to most of the students especially those who want to improve their speaking skills in English. “We thought of this after finding out that some people get scared when it comes to public speeches, and doors are open to everyone, lawyers, we journalists and so many more who want to eliminate this kind of fear when talking to the public.” Said Alafat. The Debate happens twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday.

Alafat founded the school of journalism and communication debate.

Participants’ points of view did not go astray with the founder’s because they all said that that debate came on time just to remove the problems of timidity and shyness we communicating publically, but they suggested that the Debate should change its name since it came from the students’ innovation.


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