University student won 300,000 Rwf in EPRN research competition (Photos & Video)

10:08 AM 2017

The EPRN competition topic for contestants was “the role of youth to implement sustainable development goals (SGDs) in Rwanda”.

Nsabimana who is currently pursuing his undergraduate university studies in education at Adventist University of central Africa revealed the ability of university students living with disability and difficulties that affect them, but also showed their strength in implementing sustainable development goals in Rwanda.

Nsabimana Aphrodice reveiving his award

Nsabimana said that although in the past there were many negative mindsets that disabled students are incompetent but they are able and can contribute to our country development.

“Actually, in the previous period there were mindsets that a student who live with disability could not do anything effectively like others, I conducted this research to show challenges that they mostly face, how they are not cared about in terms of contributing to the sustainable development goals in Rwanda. I also portrayed how government, public and students in general can have help our fellows to show their ability.”

During the interview with, Kwizera Seth, the EPRN coordinator said that the main reason why they decided to work with university youth is that giving knowledge to young researchers, is directly preserving for the future.

“We just wanted to invest in youngsters especially in University students by giving them practical knowledge as we believe it is a way of reserving for the future. We also provide knowledge for our youth so that they can use it to develop the country through trainings, researches and different competitions so as to see if they have mastered what we thought them.”

Kwizera Seth EPRN Coordinator

Nsabimana who was the first received 300,000 Rwf, Mayeri Jean Pierre the second got 200,000 Rrw, Isimbi shemsa third was given 100,000 Rrw , Sibomana Simeon who came as fourth got 80,000 Rwf and Kabera Jean Luc the 5th was got 50,000 Rrw.

The works of top 5 winners after this research competition will be published on the website of EPRN, and different websites of Universities so that many people can get accessible read them. EPRN Rwanda currently has 400 members from different universities around the country divided in 9 groups.

More pictures

Below is the video


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