UNILAK still recall the deeds of their Chancellor through mourning

07:15 AM 2016

. “He was a hero, a very brilliant and hardworking man and with a good reputation. We learnt a lot from him, his passing away is a loss for the country and especially for our university,” said Dr. Jean Ngamije, the Vice Chancellor of UNILAK. According to a communiqué from Never Again Rwanda, where he worked as country director, “Dr. Munyandamutsa died after battling a one year sickness.”

The deceased academic will always be remembered by his encouraging words to students. “Living is creating; let’s create our lives, and recreate ourselves to face the current challenges”, he told the graduates in November last year, 2015. Born in 1958, in the western province, former Kibuye Dr. Munyandamutsa earned his medical degree from the former National University Rwanda in 1985 and later specialized in Psychiatry -Psychotherapy in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr Naason Munyandamutsa worked as a professor of psychiatry
From 1989, he served in various hospitals in Switzerland, and as well worked as a professor of psychiatry in this country. He also contributed at the national level, mainly in the reconstitution of the psychological and psychiatric professional body severely decimated by the genocide. Following the genocide that ravaged Rwanda in 1994, he returned to Rwanda in 1996 leading a bilateral project funded by the Swiss Cooperation, where he helped set up the mental health system in support of traumatized victims. May his soul rest in eternal peace!


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