RNP takes anti-crime drive to High Schools

15:51 PM 2016

The campaign is aimed and ensuring that young people play a significant role in reporting and preventing crimes as well as building a safe, knowledgeable and skilled generation free from crimes. .

Since the beginning of February, Police have reached out to over 6700 students in eight districts of, Nyabihu, Ruhango, Rubavu, Nyarugenge, Rulindo, Kamonyi, Ngororero and Nyaruguru urging them to revive their anti-crime clubs as well as sensitizing them against crimes.

According to the Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa, “We decided to focus on youth in schools because we believe they can make a major impact in crime prevention in their communities.”
He added that the move is also aimed at building a crime-free society as well as protecting young people from getting embroiled in crime like drug abuse, assault, immorality acts among others.

“Rather than dealing with the consequences, we opt for prevention…this is just the beginning, we intend to reach out to as many schools as possible across the country,” ACP Twahirwa said.
Students were equipped with dangers of drug abuse, effects of human trafficking, Gender Based Violence, among others.

“We encourage students to revive anti-crime clubs where they are and also create them where they are not; these clubs bring students together to discuss effects of such crimes and also helps in sharing information with security organs whenever there is a crime committed somewhere,” said the police spokesperson.

He noted that by putting much emphasis on crime prevention awareness, especially on high impact crimes like human and drug trafficking, and GBV, through increased awareness, no doubt the level of crime will go down tremendously.

Among those campaigns include those held in three different schools in Nyaruguru District where police officers reached out to 1284 students of Groupe Scolaire Marie Merci, Groupe Scolaire Imanzi and Groupe Scolaire Munini.

The students were enlightened on how crimes like trafficking in human beings is done through deceit, manipulation and empty promises of better jobs and schools abroad where they end up into modern-day slavery in exploitative activities like hard labour and girls sexually abused.

With regards to drug abuse, students were told that a person who consumes drugs has no control of his or her actions and that’s how young people end up dropping out of school, indulging in sexual immoralities that lead to either contacting sexual Transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. This is how young people’s future is lost.
Similar campaigns will be held in all districts across the country reaching out to youth and students in different communities and schools respectively.



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