Police in anti-crime drive with students in Ruhango

03:50 AM 2016

The call was made by the District Community Liaison Officer, Inspector of Police (IP) Angelique Abijuru, on April 27 during her meeting with over 850 students.
The students were enlightened on how crimes like trafficking in human beings is done through deceit, manipulation and empty promises of better jobs and schools abroad where they end up into modern-day slavery and exploitation activities like hard labour and girls sexually abused.
IP Abijuru told them to be alert and report strangers or other people who tend to make such empty promises to them, as one way of ensuring their evil plans are foiled and arrested.

With regards to drug abuse, students were told that a person who consumes drugs has no control over his or her actions and that’s how young people end up dropping out of school, indulging in sexual immoralities that lead to either contracting sexual Transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies.
“We believe youth can play a major part in fighting these offenses that’s why we encourage you to work as police ambassadors in crime prevention either at school or in your communities,” said IP Abijuru.
She also introduced them to the services offered by Isange One Stop Centre, which was established to offer free medical, legal and psyscho-socio services to victims of gender based violence and child abuse.

The head of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing Organization (RYVCPO) in the district Felix Rukundo told the student that they should be characterized by good conduct at all times and report to the police anyone they suspect of being involved in criminal activities.
One of the students, Kelly Brenda Umuhire said that during their meeting, they learnt a lot and have pledged to ensure safety and security in their community by sensitizing their peers against crimes like drug abuse.


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