Ngoma to address school dropouts in Rukumberi

05:36 AM 2016

Security organs and local authorities in Ngoma District have set a seven-day deadline to have identified all children in Rukumberi Sector, who either dropped out of school or are yet to enroll as the district moves to ensure maximum school roll out.

The decision was adopted on May 26 during a security meeting held in Rukumberi Sector.

The meeting brought together police and local leaders in Rukumberi including members of cells and sector advisory councils, members of committees of villages.

Despite the high school enrolment in Ngoma District, it is believed that there’s a relatively high tendency of enrolment and school dropout in the sectors of Rukumberi and Rukira.According to Inspector of Police (IP) Jean Pierre Ndayisaba, the District Community Liaison Officer of Ngoma, once they identify children who are not in school, it will help them to reach out to their parents and sensitise them on their responsibilities as parents and the rights of children.

“Although there are other factors that lead children to drop out of school, there is also an issue of negligence and lack of parental care and guidance. Acquiring education is a right and we are working with local leaders and even the people to enforce it,” said IP Ndayisaba.

“As you know, these same children can turn out to be drug abusers and dealers, indulge in theft and other forms of crimes, if they are not given proper upbringing,” he added.

A recent operation rounded up eleven children in Rukira, who have since gone back to school.

During the meeting, the leaders also discussed other issues including fighting drug abuse, domestic conflicts and exchange of information on people abusing government development programmes like Gir’inka, Umuganda – monthly communal work – and ensuring household sanitation and hygiene.


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