Mineduc asks students to remain far from what could take their value

03:19 AM 2018

Dr. Christine Gasingirwa, the Director General for Science, Technology and Research in the Ministry of Education told students that for them to achieve their goals, they will need to work hard and remain far from whatever could take their value.
She said this in the inspiration of Mineduc which intends to prepare students for a high quality education and see what could prevent this from happening.
While talking to the students of the Pedagogic School of Gacuball, she reminded them that they could respect and develop the spirit of a good culture.

She said; “UmwanayankakwumviraIsenaNyinaYumviraIjeriyakwangaIjaborigashira” to mean that they should respect their parents. She added that for them to achieve their goals, they need to be serious while learning. It is needed to remain far from what could make them lose their value and our culture.

This project of inspiring students started on 5th February 2018, and it will happen in more than 600 schools in different corners of the country with a purpose to enhance a high quality education.

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