Karongi: 400 Students kicked out from the school after only one week at school

02:31 AM 2018

400 students were kicked out in Nyarubuye – Rubengera while they have been sent by the Ministry of Education to come on this school.

Some of their parents say that they do not see where these children will go after being sent out from a school given by REB after paying all necessary requirements.

Nyirajyambere Marie Chantal says that they have started January 22nd, 2018 with others even though on this this Friday they were sent out from classes telling them that there are no places for them after a whole week studying. She wonders where these students will got, and she does not find an answer.

The vice secretary of Education in Nyarubuye says that the list of students from REB to study on this school was of 600 students while this school has only 3 classes for all these students.
Know that since 26th, January this school got a number of 503 students with letters to come to this school. They were an addition to 150 students on this school who share only one class.

The leader in charge of education in this area of Nyarubuye Mugwaneza Gratien says that the problem is the limit in number of classes. He adds that they have a number of 121 students who have finished their primary studies and who were obliged to remain on this school. They get an addition of 79 of students with high grades who came to add on the current number they had.

The remaining where sent in GS Bubazi and GS Kibirizi. They have remained those who did not want to go there since it is far for them.

Even though the problem was solved in this way, some parents say that the journey is still long as they always pay around Rwf 800 for a motorcycle only for one way.
Francois Ndayisaba, the mayor of the district of Karongi accept that there is a problem of classes which are not enough and says that the budget of the government to help in this problem will only build 28 classes. The World Vision also is planning to build around 30 classes in this area as he adds.

Other sources say that last year many students finished their primary studies in this district which is the main source of this problem.

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