Karenzi manzi reveals his route to being best performer in ordinary level (Video)

01:56 AM 2018

Joslyn Karenzi Manzi, is named the best performer in ordinary level in 2017 national exams. He revealed route he used to make his dreams come true.

Kamanzi who is just 15 years old expresses out his hilarious moment after getting best marks in 2017 ordinary level national exams of which he is ranked the first in Rwanda.

Despite the fact that he is ranked the first, Karenzi explains that he yearned for this just after being named the second best performer in primary school 2015. In doing so, Joselyn announces that he developed attitude of reading books as well as waking up very early in morning for prep.

"I used to rebuke my fellow students to study hard and use their time line accurately. Further, I could convey message to them asking them to be respectful towards their both parents and their teacher’s advices. Because these tips helped me a lot to nail down my good performance. " Joslyn said

According to Joslyn, playing football and karate was another tool to help him having such enormous good marks. They could facilitate him to refresh his mind.

Joslyn is keen to becoming a remarkable engineer in construction, hoping to step into his father’s shoes though him mixed it with being electrician too.

His parents rebuke their fellow ones to not make themselves too busy but having time for their children and constantly follow up their academic performance.


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