Job creation is the focal solution to unscrupulous life in university of Rwanda

15:28 PM 2016

Students worries about their future profession after school time as they need to plan their time accordingly. Juliet Ingabire, deals in shoes, says that she made her schedule on which she can do her business and pursue studies efficiently.

Juliet advise girl- students who can go for sugar Daddies and engage themselves in prostitution, to turn back from those bad conducts and search for constructive thing to do. “Never be shy or give up the more you look for a job several times, the more likely you are to get it.” Juliet uttered.

Not only the fact of going self-employed since it requires capital, but paid employment can also be done according to Olivier Nsekanabo who works in printing field (photocopy, web designs, wedding invitation , business cards and so on.) in combination with his Journalism and communication studies. “After the class 12:30 am, I immediately rush to town my work place. I can reach home around 11:00 or 12:00 pm. going to bed early can of course cause me tiredness the following day, I can have my cold water, as breakfast, to wash it over.

Nsekanabo Olivier works in printing field and earn money
It is not easy, but it helps me solve my problems even in case of scholarship delay and shortage.” Says Olivier. He also tells people not to neglect a job, “You can be a gate guard at night and earn money, instead of looking for sugar mammies and harvest AIDS or stealing which is one of the main door to prison.”

Marie Merci Umutoniwase is also a student at University of Rwanda, Nyarugenge campus; she has no occupation, but looks for it, even though it is not found easily, but once she finds it she will never persuade family and relatives for money in case of tuition fees delay. She also suggest that if one is talented in hair making, fashion design… can do It after class and generate money as school also progress.

On the other hand, other students suggest that this will depend upon what they study at University, those of school of law as well as those of Education at College of education see that it cannot be possible due to the long time they take in their studies, their modules are huge and need more concentration. Additionally if you fail the module is supposed to be paid worth 100,000 Rfw. which one the challenges of combining jobs with studies.

Views of business practitioners

Business men and women say that to employ a student does not matter, but what matters is the working time. If the company works at night or evening, students can be engaged, but when the work is done all day long, the company is cannot employ students who study full time program, as they cannot fulfil well their job responsibilities.


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