Groupe Scholaire Ndera to improve its education strategies

14:13 PM 2016

AS many parents were complaining about it, so do students say that no hope to pass National Examination when studying in Ndera primary and secondary school. This bad History is to be redeemed to the better one of success of every pupil according to new leaders.

Parents asking what the new leader expect to show as a difference to change the history

According to the students and parents whose children are educated there, this has been the same over six or so years. No student had been ever sent to school of excellence from Primary to Secondary. They keep on saying that if a miracle happens
one can pass in over a hundred of students.

Students claiming their rights

In the recent meeting of parents and the school organization, this was the back bone issue to be elaborated on. Parents claimed that no prime should be asked again if no changes and good performance appears. The Priest who has this school in charge as long as It belongs to Catholic church, also said that the problem was known and needed a long term remedy. He said that the main reason was bad leader ship lack of collaboration; he even said that some teachers lack professionalism and teach

looking at money they are paid rather than the acknowledgement they serve.” I went across the country myself seeking for the one to be the Director of this school, the one I brought I examined him alone and I am sure that he is going to do it.” Said the Priest.

The new Director also promised the parent the direct changes not later than this year.” I found this job when I seriously wanted it so; none I will tolerate when goes astray with my ambition.” The Director said. He also addressed those teachers whose teachings vary with the salary that they should reap where they have sown, “Performance awards itself.” He said


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