Girls outperformed boys in Senior Three exams

06:22 AM 2016

As per to the new times our primary source, a total of 84,868 candidates sat the examinations, with 74,036 passing a pass rate of 87.24 per cent. The results, released by Rwanda Education Board (REB), indicate that out of 74,036 students who passed, 38,277 were girls, representing 51.7 per cent.

However, boys were overall best performers despite having majority of girls among those that passed their exams, according to results that were announced by the State Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Olivier Rwamukwaya. The results show that 9,225 candidates (10.87 per cent) passed in Division One, but only 23 attained aggregate 8 in eight subjects, the highest score.

While releasing the results, Minister Rwamukwaya said there were a number of cases where candidates got involved in examinations malpractices and, subsequently, their results were nullified. Rwamakuwaya called on parents to continue supporting their children and offering a conducive home environment to enable improved performance. This was reiterated by Janvier Gasana, the director-general of REB, who said cases of malpractices involved both individual candidates and heads of examination centres and invigilators who were involved in unlawful acts of assisting candidates answer questions.
Source: The New times.


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