EDC AKAZI KANOZE Awarded best innovative schools and trainees

04:14 AM 2016

Award winning students in a a group photo with the Director General of WDA Jerome Gasana, the DEO (Kicukiro) and EDC-Chief Executive Officer & President David Offensend.

As per to WDA, awards include Laptops, Samsung Galaxy tabs, projectors, multifunction printers and trophies. The awards were categorized for outstanding schools and teachers. Outstanding school Awards were given to schools that have demonstrated exceptional commitment and results in the Akazi Kanoze 2 program in the year 2015. Principal of IPRC-Kigali Diogene Mulindahabi awarding a certificate to one of the best trainers in the EDC-Akazi Kanoze training program. Schools that were awarded at national level include Martyrs Secondary school (Kicukiro district) and Mpanda VTC ( Ruhango district) while outstanding teachers awarded were from the districts of Huye, Nyaruguru, Kicukiro and Ruhango.

Another trainer (in black jacket) receiving a projector.
Out standing teacher Awards were given to most innovative teachers who delivered the work readiness curriculum at high standards through creative thinking and innovative problem solving skills. The category also includes a school Liaison Officer who endeavored to follow up students in work experience opportunities, while the most inspiring teacher Award was given to a work readiness trainer or school Liaison Officer who went extra mile to contribute to student personal development and positively impacted school community.

EDC-Akazi Kanoze trainees exhibiting some of their products.

Jerome Gasana the Director General of WDA stressed that the biggest challenge in training youth remains that of providing rightful skills that enable them to transformation their own countries. Gasana commended the role played by EDC- Akazi Kanoze to ensure that Rwandan youth are well equipped with necessary skills and tools that put them on the right path to become self-reliant and economically productive.

Other trainees exhibiting their products out of garment branding

Laura Kampire One of the beneficiaries of the EDC training testified how the program has enabled her to acquire skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, entrepreneurship and flexibility to explore every opportunity. EDC Chief Executive Officer and president David Offensend said that the initiative of rewarding best performers inspires youth to future success. He pledged commitment of the EDC program to support work readiness among youth to fill the existing skills gap. Offesend also advised on how the work readiness curricula need to include skills in managing people, communication, project management, customer service orientation and technology at large.

EDC-Akazi Kanoze a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) started operating in Rwanda in 2009. The project has trained over 18,000 youth and more than 65% of them have been successfully placed into jobs or started their own businesses within six months after graduation. EDC-Akazi Kanoze project was first piloted in Rwanda but currently similar programs are now being extended to about other 12 countries.


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