Competency based curriculum the key to education success in Rwanda

09:12 AM 2016

Minister of Education Papias Musafiri
The conference was organised by Education Development Centre, Rwanda Education Board, the Ministry of Education, and USAID under the theme, “Rwanda early grade literacy instruction: building on strong foundation.” Among participants include education officials, teachers, civil society members and development partners.

Officials pose in a group photo after the meeting yesterday at Serena Hotel in Kigali.

Opening the conference yesterday, Dr Papias Musafiri, the minister for education, said that the role of literacy instruction in the new competency-based curriculum, best practices in early grade literacy instruction and strategies to ensure that all learners leave primary school able to read and write with comprehension and fluency will be among the topics of discussion.“May every partner consider it a very huge opportunity to challenge ourselves and find answers that will help us overcome key obstacles in early reading as a foundation for the wider education progress. I am confident that after the two-day deliberations, we will have come up with several solutions,” he said.


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