China-Rwanda cooperation flourish Rwandan education

16:24 PM 2017

During the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the ambassador highlighted how China has been part of Rwanda education development through empowering Rwanda youth.

The People’s Republic of China ambassador said China-Rwanda cultural and people-to-people exchanges are also flourishing in education, science and technology, health, academy and media. Chinese language, food and Kongfu are getting more and more popular among Rwandan people. This year, about 500 Rwandan students go to China for studies, 175 Rwandans receive various professional training in China, both set record-high.

China-Rwanda practical cooperation is yielding rich fruits. China has stayed as Rwanda’s largest ICT equipment provider and important trading partner. Cooperative projects like Kigali urban road upgrading and agriculture training go on smoothly and will improve Rwanda’s social and economic development. We also witnessed an unprecedented increase of Chinese investment in Rwanda these years.
The Chinese and Rwandan governments and people will further strengthen cooperation and promote our partnership to a higher level, achieving win-win and inclusive progress.


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