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Two Rwandan movies contest for short film award in Australia

07:23 AM 2017

Two Rwandans who made a short film (documentary) on the power of blind people are contesting for awards in the film festival taking place in Australia.

The true story of the man called KabarebeAphrodicewho has disability of not seeing and teach children who are able to see with the other one called Hagenimana Fabien who is talented in playing music instruments two documentaries on their life are contesting with other 52 short movies in the competition dubbed "Focus on Abilitity".

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE TV ,Nyabyenda Jean Baptiste who directed one of these movies called "Mr Potential Kabarebe" said that if the documentary wins the competition, it will be the Rwandan brand and even the sign that disabled people are supported and they are able to perform well in the society.

" It is a true story, I just wanted that Rwandans and even foreigners can easily know good deeds of this man and his contribution in Rwandan education, if we all of us we deliver our support so that this movie can win, it will be courageous for us to invest in these projects so that we can talk about other different people who perform bravely like him [Teacher Kabarebe]” Jean Baptiste revealed.

The film "Mr. Potential Kabarebe", portrays this man as a teacher in Rwamagana district, talks about different things he does, how he delivers knowledge his students what motivated him to proceed with the career and how his disability did not discourage him.
"It was very hard for my first time to teach children who are able to see while I am not, but as days went on I tried my best until children like my lessons" Teacher KabarebeAphrodice explained.He also added that children were surprised, but after they were interested in his lessons and he is very proud of that.
The other Rwandan film that is in the same competition of "Focus on Abilitity", talks about the story of Hagenimana Fabien a great music instruments player who studied at Gatagara Handicap Center.
He said that since he was born he was not able to see and when he was 8 he felt that he could sing.
" I loved different music artists and liked their songs, then I took other children who were not able to see and sing for them, I have 5 songs that I composed for my own, but I am have not yet gone in the studio."
Hagenimanaadded that when he is composing his songs, he first of all search for melody then write down the texts using the system of people who are not able to see known as "Braille", this helps him to master his songs including both singing and be able to play then using music instruments”.
In that film dubbed "My Destiny", he reveals that his dream is to produce diffent songs and be known like other artists in the country as well as owning his personal music instruments that can help him to promote his talent.
Despite playing different music instruments, Hagenimanaalso teach those skills other different people.

The two short movies talk about the power of people who are not able to see and they are competing with other documentaries from USA, Finland, India, England, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and others.

Voting process and these short movies "Mr. Potential Kabarebe" and "My Destiny" are done via website of "Focus On Ability Short Film Festival" for its 9th round. Last year contestants from 18 countriesparticipated.

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