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The Dance made Kwizera Samuel a great personality

02:31 AM 2018

The Rwandan traditional dancer Kwizera Samuel says that dancing made him a great personality as it has become his daily and paying art.

Samuel who was a dancer in the group Urukerereza has become a professional in this art. He is trying to recruit others in this art in different types of dances based on Rwandan culture. Now, he is able to create many new songs in Kinyarwanda.
Even though the start was not easy for him, he says that he did not give up when he was a dancer in Urukerereza. It was not easy for him, but he ended by being motivated in traditional dances. Now, he has studied new dances but also based on Rwandan culture.

Today, Samuel who beats and dances drums has students in different countries like Belgium where he started different groups, in Norway, and he has also a goal to continue by starting new schools Brussels. He wants also to teach young people what is Rwandan culture and how they could keep it.

Kwizera Samuel who is in Amizero Company, a company which play movies based on culture, says that he is achieving his goals as when he was still young he wanted to become a professional dancer, and he accepts that he has achieved this.

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