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Rwandans partook in Chinese Spring Festival celebration

05:01 AM 2016

Chinese perfoming
As per to the New times our primary source on this article, It was a combination of Chinese and Rwandans celebrations rejoicing their various cultures, the Chinese New Year fell today, Monday February 8. For the Chinese they will be having the weeklong holiday for that celebration. ‘My Chinese heart’ by XIXUNGUO a patriotic folksong with a message about patriotism was the first to be performed, challenging Chinese to love their country.

Rwandans who helped the Chinese in their celebration.

The event also featured ZHANGHEI dance and ‘rope’ tug-of-war game, both fascinating to revelers. On the Rwandan side, ‘Ibare dance’ by Clarisse Mukanyubaho, Ntujya Unkinisha, Ihorere among others, were performed. The event was graced by Rwanda government officials and members of the diplomatic corps in Kigali. Pan Hejun, the Chinese ambassador to Rwanda, noted the growing Sino-Africa cooperation and the ties between China and Rwanda over the years.

According to Chinese Lunar Calendar, the first day of the first Lunar month is the Spring Festival, as it occurs at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The first day of the Chinese New Year falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20.


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