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Poem: Notorious ,I doubt why am Rwandan notorious? by Tuyisenge Olivier

07:29 AM 2017

The notorious

The challenge try to burn my smile, my passion, I receive many letters from my everyday enemy who is Tears, that he want to visit me,I refuse, I get many message from my generation that my blessing is blacklisted, my blood is credited, my joy is blew off because in every hood my soul is arrested, my wisdom is prisoned.

The happiness run away to me, my step flow around the jail
My real names is not recognized, I gain another shame name am notorious ,My career now is to kill, to smoke.

Woman always fear about me and my character in general,they call me notorious, the human with no humanity, the Dam with no water, the food with no salt

I can’t remember well when I started this page of my notorious life! Blame me I blame u because I know I am on the right tone.
judge how I move I judge how you pray. hate how horrible I smell I hate the way you shower

The notorious can quarrel with the universe, can joke with the jungle, can Blame every boss , is why I like this life I live

It was one night, niggaz attack my mamaland and kill my Dad, rape my mom and Destroy my dream to be a father,they take me in the notorious crew, my everyday lesson is to learn how to rape children and women, my breakfast is marijuana, my supper is to learn how to hate my mercy and kill million innocent in a minute

My word is like a fire flame, my book of mercy is blank,my humanity is losted

Notorious is not a nickname am familiar with. I take the blood of my brothers like an ink to paint the world, I take ganja like a God to believe, I take emotions like a food of idiot because my feeling is crashed.

always beef burn my back, always my face is made in blood of innocent,always sins is my passion, always happiness is a bad world to me.

Am married with a notorious life, crimes is my course, drinks is my teacher, the road is my all, To roll weed is like to meet my role model, gun is like my child, ligalize is like my church, Pain is like my channel. the universe fear me, the pain loves me, I doubt.

The stars know me, the earth post me everyday.

It was one day seeing the world, one of the famous woman ask me " where is your humanity"? I refuse
She tells me that am famous in wrong thing, means that am notorious. I really hate this notorious life, let me shout to the universe to carry me on his back. I doubt why am notorious?

By Umusizi Tuyisenge

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