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Master class of Post Production set to uplift Documentary filmmaking skills to young Rwandans

09:50 AM 2016

In a diminutive class of only 13 trainees 4 girls and 9 boys who are not normally tyros in the field, the German teachers and mentors such as Professor Klauss ,Max and Johannes depicted well diverse constructive techniques of making a documentary film at Kwetu Film Institute in post production that includes editing and sound recording.

Noah One of the attendees said that a great opportunity for him to learn more different things that he will use in his carrier so as to be more professional and achiever. “I am exultant to get this chance of getting these skills of post production, I hope that after the training I will be able to make good documentary films more than I knew it before and I will learn what makes good and bad sound in filmmaking. Our talent is going of course to be advanced” Noah revealed.

The trainees taking skills at Kwetu Film institute.

It is expected that two films will be produced in terms of practice of what the training has been delivering to the attendees. By the end of January this year ,we might see the new documentaries produced by our native talented Rwandans that might compete on the international standard.

Remember that Kwetu Film institute was established in 2011 by Eric Kabera as a space that would be teaching Rwandan young generation and even East Africa to a new medium of communication and cinematic Arts as well as promoting and pervert the level of Rwanda film industry to the advanced level.


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