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Mashirika is performing in India and Sri Lanka

17:49 PM 2016

Speaking from India with ; Aboud Mujyambere one of the Mashirika stage performers said that For me Dear Children sincerely has no racial, geographic or time limits! It is a world dedicated message!! It is for the sake of humanity!! We learn from our own mistakes! Our differences should strengthen our Unity and power!! Spread the message and let it lighten the world!! An inspiring journey full of Hope! A lifetime experience! A lifetime achievement!!

Basing on Ubumuntu arts festival the piece being performed "Dear Children, Sincerely..." is a physical theatre performance that uses the body to communicate stories told by Rwandan and Sri Lankan elders. It seeks to bridge the gap between generations and pass down pieces of wisdom.

Mashirika entertained 3 performances in Srilanka , 4 in India including one in New Delhi. In India the performances were held at the famous international theater festival BHARAT RANG MAHOTSAV.

Rwanda will hope to watch the piece once again until Ubumuntu arts festival in July 14 to 17 , 2015


Team Mashirika with Sri Lanka Stages Theatre Group


Abdoul Mujyambere from left with stage performers


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