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Kwetu Film institute will screen different commemoration movies

09:25 AM 2017

Eric Kabera the founder of Kwetu Film institute

As per to the New Times the The screenings started on Friday, April 7, which marks the start of the Genocide Commemoration Week and the last film will be screened on April 13 at the same venue.

It is said that on the first day, three short films about the Genocide will be shown; Visit To Kigali Genocide Memorial, A Letter To My Mother, and Intore: The Making Of/Director’s Commentary. The last film takes us behind the scenes of the making of Intore; The Movie, and features commentary from the Director Eric Kabera, the founder of Kwetu Film Institute and Chairman of the Rwanda Film Festival (RFF).

On April 9, two films will be screened; Intore, and Reflection On Genocide Commemoration/Shoa Foundation Short Documentary. The other two films; Love Letter To My Country, and 100 Days will be screened on April 12th. Released in 2001, 100 Days was the first feature film to be made about the 1994 Genocide. the last one called Schindler will be screened on the final day of the screening, April 13th.

This movie talks about the true story of Oskar Schindler, a German humanitarian hero who saved the lives of over 1,000 Jews from the Jewish Holocaust during the Second World War. The film is directed and produced by Steven Spielberg.

This year, Rwanda marks the 23rd anniversary of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi under the theme “Remember the Genocide against the Tutsi – Fight Genocide Ideology – Build on Our Progress”.

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