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Goethe Institute Kigali plans to fund the production of Rwanda Films in 2018

15:10 PM 2017

RWANDAN filmmakers are the most creative people with visual stories that can reach many people but face challenges which hinder their production of new films

Women in Rwanda cinema, throughout the discussions and exchange that took place at Goethe Institut Kigali in Rwanda Film Festival 2017, highlighted some of the challenge among with there is a lack of funding in producing new Rwanda films.

Elizabeth Utamuriza (Left) and Ella Mutuyimana (Right)

Ella Mutuyimana is a Rwandan female filmmaker who was in panel discussion that mentioned due to lack of funding she has not yet produced another film after the previous funds she was awarded. She revealed I produced two films after winning two funds productions including one I got from Goethe institute and since them I was not able to make another film because I lacked funding to produce more films.

A saying Together as One is song to sing by each and everyone who is putting a stone in evolution of Rwandan cinema.The Rwandan film industry needs the support of people ,NGOs and government and in 2018, Goethe Institute as the German cultural institute is planning to give a hand in continuing to support the Rwanda cinema which is evolving .

Katharina Hey/Goethe Institut Director

Katharina Hey The director of Goethe institute said Goethe institute plans to fund the production Rwandan films in 2018. There is not yet the fixed date or month and I hope not only Goethe institute can take up this initiative only but also the government and other cultural institutions could also implement the funding the production of local made films.
The Goethe-Institut and its project partners funded 10000 Euro to three Rwandan films produced in November 2012.

Rwanda film festival 2017 via the panel discussion of October 23, 2017 was aiming at continuing to raise a voice to request local support to help filmmakers showcase what they do both at local and international level as well as forging connections and collaborations by helping each other. Sophie Neiman the coordinator of Rwanda film Festival quoted.

Clementine Dusabejambo, Eliane Umuhire, Jolie Murenzi, Ella Mutuyimana and Elizabeth Utamuriza along with Irene Chagall were among panelists to discuss their role as women in filmmaking.

Currently, Rwanda young filmmakers including women do self finance in producing new films through personal funds as well on the support of friends.

Photos:Goethe Institut Courtesy

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