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A special task given by CHENO to youth on the day of Heroes

03:58 AM 2018

The national committee in charge of heroes, medals, andrings of honor CHENO says that they are working to save the country and they added that they are building it. They say that we need to protect the country and continue to build it.
While saving the country, young people were in a big number, and even today, the development is based on them.

Deo Nkusi, the secretary of the national committee in charge of heroes, medals, and rings of honor told RBA that youth have a great role in developing our country.
He said that the day of heroes is a great day for young people as they have a contribution in the current development. He added that the same young people have the task of protecting this development today and in the future as well as continuing to work for a further development.

The rings which was offered included “Uruti rw’umurinzi” which were given people who played a role while saving our country and stopping genocide.

The new politic plan the ring of honor will be given to presidents and others who contributed with great works whether in sacrificing themselves, helping people in bad situations, promoting Rwandan culture, and their jobs.
The Heroes day is celebrated on February 1st each year.

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