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When you really want something, it remains in your head and you … make time for it – Edda Zekarias, YALI Fellow

02:49 AM 2016

As an experienced communications resource person, Edda Zekarias has worked with a number of international organizations upon graduating from Addis Ababa University with an MA in Peace & Conflict Studies. She is of Ethio-Kenyan origin and had built a career in teaching as and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher for adults and as an instructor for O and A levels Cambridge school leaving certification.

With an MA in Peace & Conflict Studies, she facilitated research and communications at the UN mandated university-UPEACE Africa Programme Office in Addis Ababa. She has worked in several other interesting capacities and has also been a rapporteur in a number of continental conferences/workshops conducted in Addis Ababa and around the world.

Now a YALI fellow she plans to get back into volunteering and building capacity in woman. The Youth Hub Africa team got her to share her experience on the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African leaders formerly called the YALI fellowship.

Q: What’s your background? Your discipline and your socialization process as well?

A: There are two qualities I admire in people – humility and ability to listen. I try as much as possible to make these two characteristics a part of my daily life, better yet, a solid background. I bear a diverse heritage, my upbringing combines both Ethiopian and Kenyan roots. I am content to call myself an Addis Ababa University alumni having studied History (ancient, medieval, modern) for my undergrad studies.

Then I went back into graduate school for peace and security studies, also at Addis Ababa University in collaboration with the UN mandated University for Peace (UPEACE). Over the years, I have worked as a teacher, web and print content contributor & editor, event planner, voice-over consultant and so forth; in other words, people are at the center of what I do. Overall, I like a good challenge, a great driver for my tendencies is to seek out exciting opportunities that push me to work hard

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