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The streets of Kinshasa reserve a surprise for us:

13:39 PM 2015

His name is Espoir, nicknamed “Little Leader.” At the age of twelve, he lives on the streets of Kinshasa. His singing talent is impeccable.

Under the rumba rhythm, a clear voice is attractive. She is a child of ten years, technology and in the shade of a seasoned singer. This child is in the middle of others. All seem to be struck by the spectacle provided by a half- dozen children. The show is directed by the smaller - but no less talented of them. Using sticks, empty beer bottles and dummies microphones, the group managed to install a cathedral of silence in the streets of this city usually so noisy.

Petit leader hastens to specify a viewer next to him. There followed twenty minutes to revisit the classics of Congolese music from King Kester Emeneya to Ferre Gola. The meeting was led by the boy, which crystallizes minds. Where does he live? Where did he learn to sing? Where her parents live? The following video tells you more.

Source: Oeil d’Afrique

Rene Gitangaza

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