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The secret of Ruzindana in raising 20 street children

03:20 AM 2018

Ruzindana, a young man of around 30 years old says that in 2018, he saw street children drinking the alcohol, used in putting together two things, as they were hungry. He took a decision to take them home and raise them.

When he was going back home from his job passing aroundUmubano Hotel, Ruzindana saw a group of children between 4 to 6 years drinking the alcohol. He did not continue home and took a decision to sit with them.

This young man who did not know that he was going to start raising these children talked to them and he was about to cry when he got their stories.
He said that they were very hungry and like drunk due to the alcohol. What they only needed was food.

He chose to take them to a restaurant after asking them where they wanted to go for food.When this man started to ask them why they chose to be street children, they told him that their parents sent them.

Ruzindana went home but after demanding them to meet again and to take them for an everyday food. As they met, they also increased in number until they reached the number of 15.

Ruzindana started a football team for this children, and they went to play together every Sunday. He decided to sacrifice his salary in taking care of these children.
While talking to KT Press, Ruzindana said that after he ended by renting a house in Remera to live together with these children. With a help from people with charity, 17 of these children started to study their primary studies and lived with their families while ten of them were in secondary schools.

He said that he helped some to meet their parents. Those who finished their schools are living there lives, and they will always remember that they were raised in this place.
In these children, there are also some who studies arts including repairing cars and drawing.

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