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Rwanda female youngster got 10 scholarships world class universities including Havard

13:38 PM 2017

In the United States of America, Ivy League colleges are incorporated in one group of eight colleges and universities renowned for their high academic standards and significant history in the US. These schools were some of the earliest American institutions founded and they include Harvard in 1636, Yale in 1701, Penn in 1740, Princeton in 1746, Columbia in 1754, Brown in 1764, Dartmouth in 1769 and Cornell in 1865.

As per to the New times, Ituze received the last email confirmation from the 10th college she applied yesterday notifying her that she has been accepted and automatically awarded scholarships to four Ivy League colleges, one Ivy League plus college and five other universities in the United States. The five Ivy League colleges include, Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Brown University and Stanford University (Ivy League plus college). The other top universities she got accepted in include, Duke University, Williams College, Pomona College, Amherst College and Vanderbilt University.

Izua told the New times that she had much faith that she would be accepted and she made it, though she did not expect the number of colleges accepted her. "I applied with much faith and hope that getting admitted in such schools will give me an edge in being a problem solver; coming back home to be the leader in my community in so many ways, but I woud be lying if tell you that I expected this number of admissions” Ituze expressed.

The youngster graduate at Gashora Girls Academy located in Bugesera district, is a daughter of a single mother, Venantie Kagoyire who works as a Receptionist at Engen Petroleum company in Kigali. She studied Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science in High school scoring 52 out of 73 aggregates in the 2016 national high school examinations.


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