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Rusizi: A call for a help to women who are threatened by their husband on the program of birth control

03:03 AM 2018

Some of women in Rusizi district say that they are facing many challenges when they want to control their birth as their husbands decide to bring other wives and illegitime children.
This problem is seen in different sectors of this district and some of the women who talked to KT Radio say that there is a polygamy caused by the birth control as man decide to go for children outside.

One of them said that the government could help them and ban that polygamy as man from this district practice polygamy on a high level and give birth to many children. When you go for a birth control, your husband goes out to search for other children.
Another one said that the fact that they are punishing those man who practice polygamy is what is causing the birth of many children.
Those women share the same idea that the fact of bring illegitime children for them cause a problem of insecurity in many families.

They add that this could be banned and jail women who took other’s husbands. The governor of the western province Alphonse Munyantwali says that parents need to understand in the same way the project of birth control and give birth to what they are able to raise.

While other districts of that province are on 56% in the project of birth control, the district of Rusizi is on 36%. People from this district need to make a reflection and act like others.

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