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Prime Minister Edourd Ngirente urged Rwandans to stimulate the rights of children

09:05 AM 2017

In his speech to the forum attendees, the prime minister Dr Edourd Ngirente revealed that families, communities and the country in general have everything it takes in order to get profit or loss depending on how they raise their children.

“We are what we are today because of the good upbringing we got when we were children. That is why our government prioritizes children rights, which is why we have this special event where children are given a national platform to give their views on the national agenda,” he uttered.

The theme of this year’ summit is “Positive Parenting: Foundation of the Rwanda we want”. The 12th Children’s Summit is attended by 416 delegates from children’s forum committees at the sector level; 30 heads of children’s forum committees at the district level and 30 representatives for children with disabilities at the district level.

Others include 12 representatives of children living in refugee camps; 30 children mentor from districts; six mentors of children in refugee camps; members of cabinet; parliamentarians; district mayors; vice mayors in charge of social affairs; and development partners. Remember that Rwanda the National Children’s Summit started in 2004 due to the request made by President of Rwanda Paul Kagame.


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