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Ngoma: Police urges parents to watch over children

06:20 AM 2016

​Police in Ngoma District has urged parents to play their role and keep their children away from any form of temptation that could lead them to committing crimes.
The call was made by the District Community Liaison Officer Inspector of Police (IP) Jean Pierre Ndayisaba, during a meeting with students of GS Nyamugari and their parents held on March 29.

He also reminded the students to effectively utilize the forthcoming holidays and be ambassadors against crimes in their respective communities.
He went on to urge parents to always keep an eye on their children to ensure they don’t indulge in illegal activities.
“Children who are not attended to or ignored might end up on the streets or sometime committing offenses like drug abuse that’s why we urge you to always keep a close eye on your children during the time they will be home for holidays,” said IP Ndayisaba.

He went on to say that children should always be reminded about the dangers of drugs at all times so that they can not only avoid them but also discourage their peers against such substances.
“Effects of drug abuse are not only limited to the consumer but the society and can lead to insecurities since drug addicts may subconsciously commit crimes such as domestic violence, theft and homicides, which are sometimes reported in communities” he noted.

The Director of GS Nyamugari, Etienne Rwamamara thanked the police and urged both parents and student to take such messages seriously.
One of the parents, Jean Paul Mugemena also thanked the police and said that besides fulfilling their parental responsibilities in their households, as parents, they should also join efforts to watch over children in their communities.



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