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Kigali : At 23 ,Sangwa made a Mobile App to help people with hearing and speech impairment talk

04:52 AM 2017

Sandrine Sangwa . aged 23 a second year student at Akilah institute for women in Diploma course year two, initiated a mobile application that can help people with hearing and speech impairments to make phone calls and she was inspired by family based historical experiance.

Sandrine Sangwa

In the exclusive interview with online youth magazine, Sandrine revealed that she was motivated to introduce this application due to her personal case due to the way she lost her Aunt based on the inability of making a phone call.

“I lost my Aunt because she lived with my cousin who locked her hearing power when she was in P6 you can ask yourself what happened, my Aunt was Asthmatic and once they were home together she fainted and my cousin tried to communicate to my father so that he can come to help. What happened she sent phone message and because my father was busy working he saw the message lately while my Aunt has already passed away. So from; there I asked myself what I can do so that I can help those people who have that disability to be able to make a call using mobile phone” Sandrine Expressed.

That is the real root of the idea behind her application which will be launched in June due to different challenges of school activities like assignments and projects. She affirmed that despite those challenges she must work days and nights to meet her goal.

“I always meet different challenges like time management; because I am still a student and I have to do school related assignment as well as working on my projects. So it requires me to work hard days and nights, lock of assets where I use school computer so I need to write code on paper and coding them in computer when am in class. But with the eager of make contribution in my society I try my best through asking help from other students like borrowing computer that is able to help me”.

She said that when her app will have launched she will use agents and even people who will need to use it will be in touch with those agents to install the app for only 2000 Rfw as cost, which will require every four months’ updates and for the NGOs they will have to pay at least 1.000.000Rwfs to buy.

While giving advice to young people she said that they should not undermine themselves, but use their ideas to contribute to the development of Rwanda.
“I can tell the youth especially girls that to never lose hope for their ideas, but they should use them to take part in the growth of our country because what matters is just to overcome the fear of speaking out what they think because through speaking and sharing ideas, we found that even girls are able to do such great thing. So please girls and youth in general, be yourselves”.

Sangwa sandrine wona start up capital with a cash prize of Rfw 300,000 in Gera Ku Ntego DOT Rwanda Business competition 2016.

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