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The Indian family went to court in Kenya to stop the marriage of their girl to a Kenyan boy

12:27 PM 2016

As per to the ke, The nicknamed "My Bukusu Love" couple of Kenyan boy and Indian girl was renowned in KTN news, when a young Muhindi lady had left her wealthy family preferring instead to live in squalor with her Bukusu lover. For those who are wondering why such a story made news, well, it’s because Kenyan Indians and indigenous Kenyans do not relate outside of a professional capacity.

The case is that the family of the young Sarika Patel are fighting a legal battle to stop her from wedding Timothy Khamala. Wealthy businessman Chabbadia Patel has filed an injunction at the Bungoma East District Commissioner’s office to stop the wedding of his daughter Sarika to Timothy Khamala.

The story of rejected couple passed on KTN news.
Sarika first met Timothy when he came to work at their family’s business enterprise in Webuye as a casual labourer. His employment was, however, terminated when their love affair was discovered and he remains jobless. But he vows he is not about to turn his back on Sarika. The two lovers have faced opposition from several quarters, especially from Sarika’s family.


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