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Blessed is the hand that giveth

21:37 PM 2015

well my essay is based on “Blessed is the hand that giveth”, to start with in our family we are sif, four girls and two boys, we have been raised by both our parents, we re sent to school regardless of gender, am coming from the Central region of Malawi and we have been going to see our granny during the holiday season.

One visit when we went there with our parents it happened that a child of our age came and pleased with my parents that she doesnt have anybody to take good care of her, nor his relatives doesnt have any interest on her and the life style that she was leading could read her to early marriage or something else bad to her, our parents refused, they said since they dont know her they could not go ahead to have her in our midst. we prayerd with her and we were happy because we were learning alot, looking at her dressiing attire, language yes one could hardly say that she is missing so many thing being the village life, the fact that she was living in the village created a big gap between her and my family siblings. she even insisted that may be she works at our home in town so that she earn something, but still more it didnt work, then as the time went by she said that she wished if she could go to town and get education because that was only the key indicator ro her to sail through, she was Lindiwe 12 years oldin grade 4.

We stayed for 1 week at our village and on the 5th day my mum met with one of her relative (auntie), and my mum asked her auntie about the girl (Lindiwe) and she replied that, she has a lot of responsibility at home therefore she can not concentrate on one person, had it been not enough she even mentioned that she ahas already five children who are looking for her help and that this girl was an orphan, no wonder that she received that treatment, my mum shooked her head in disbelief, then they discussed at lenghth and my parents approved her to be part of us when returning to town.

When we reached town (Blantyre) where were staying, the first thing was to look for her clothes, then she was registered at school, to our surprise she was taking the position 1, and if worse comes to the worst then it was 2, she was very bright and dedicated, she finished her school very well and was selected to secondary school from form 1 to form 4 she did well too and was selected to college of Medicine, where she pursued to Doctorate. all what i can say is that we gained a doctor in our family and now if my dad suffers sugsr she is the one who nurses him, we always says we have a doctor sister who looks after us, our parents tried alot so that she could get good education and now look she is indeed helping us, non stop.

Now Lindiwe always gives hope/support to some village kids and assure them that if they want to make it they can, the sky is only the limit. Today Lindiwe helps 4 children in our village who are needy, she wants them to be like her one day, indeed where there is a will there is also a away out.
by Martha kabota


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